Finds the gate and makes his/her way along the path
Is drawn to find the ideal teacher
Has a voracious appetite for knowledge
Never tires of arduous training
Is open to advice from others and never thinks that he/she is above receiving advice from others
In receiving praise is also accepting of criticism
Endeavours always to perfect his/her art
Appreciates the advantages of self practice
Is always available to assist those less able
Accepts and respects the teacher's instructions and counsel
Is tireless in the quest of self perfection through the art
Does not harbour a sense of superiority
Adheres to the principles upon which the art is based
Aspires to fully comprehend all aspects of the art
Asks questions when clarity is required
Is able to recognise faults in their practice and correct them
Is resolute in his/her endeavours
Is his/her staunchest critic
Is a good listener and observer
Is able to recognise correct practice in both him/herself and others
Becomes the ideal teacher?

Godfrey Dornelly